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At GrowTech Garden we know the struggle is real:  To have easy access to the absolute highest quality indoor gardening equipment available at everyday low prices.  Combine that with outstanding support you can Trustand your search is over because we've got your back for your indoor gardening needs.  We are nestled in the beautiful mountains of Northern Arizona and although our climate is perfect for outdoor gardening year round, we share your passion for indoor horticulture.  We have an awesome, dedicated team focused on offering our customers premium quality indoor gardening products designed to give you professional results that you and your plants will love.  We also strive to provide you with helpful informative content to increase your growing knowledge.  From smaller hobby gardens to commercial agri-facilities, from the beginner to the guru, we've got the goods to take your garden to the top!

GrowTech Garden is an authorized dealer of all products in store.  We recommend that you use caution in buying products from non-authorized resellers as some of these products may be of lesser value, may not meet quality standards, and may cause permanent damage to your's and your plant's safety and health.

If you have any questions about our products, or if you would like to check the availability of an item, please Contact Us at:
(866) 506-1903
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SuperCloset Has Arrived!

We are SuperExcited to welcome the amazing award winning SuperCloset Smart Cabinets & Complete Grow Rooms to the GrowTech collection.  Featuring Smart Controls and the Complete 9 Episode Seed-to-Harvest Grow Like a SuperPro Video Series.  All SuperCloset Grow Boxes and Grow Rooms arrive to your doorstep almost completely assembled. Once you plug it in and add water you will be amazed at how easy it is to operate. You will only have to check on your SuperCloset to fill up the reservoir, adjust tie-downs, and mark the overall progress (the fun part!)
Read more about The SuperCloset Difference HERE

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Many flowering plants are what are known as "diurnal" plants—they use the cycle between day and night to trigger their growth patterns. This is important to understand when growing plants indoors so that your crop management takes this cycle into account.


Deciding on what growing lights to use in your indoor garden is a major decision, with trickle-down effects not only on your potential harvest but the entire operational setup. Today, there are two main types of indoor grow lights to choose from, high-pressure sodium lights (HPS) or light emitting diodes lights (LED). The ongoing debate between the two very different lighting options is fierce with experts weighing in on both sides. But recently, as LED lighting companies continue to make improvements to their products, the tide is moving in their favor.